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‘The Sandberg series’ is an ongoing lecture series initiated by the Master of Fine Arts program of the Sandberg Institute in collaboration with Theater de Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam.  The series directly corresponds with the structure of the program, which explores the idea of  ‘autonomy’ and ‘making’ while simultaneously addressing the social and economical roles and implications of these traditional parameters of art production. The program is structured around custom modules that investigate the realms of language, image, object and performance production and representation. 

Nina Beier - 17 May, 19.30
Nina Beier’s practice charts lines of flight through the social and political problematics of representation and exchange uncovering and re-shrouding phenomena so as to identify moments of conflict and correlation. One of her primary fields of interest is that of tracing the fidelity of meaning through the convoluted relationships between objects and images, pinpointing the various ways mediation mutates information from things to representations and back again—how images subsume or discard their referents to become distinct objects in their own right. Beier’s recent inquiries are centered on ubiquitous representations of things that appear on and within other things, questioning the ways objects at once are exhausted by human signification yet are not fully determined by language and apprehension.

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Archief Extra Voorstellingen

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