Marta Topferova & Gabo Naas | Original & Latin American songs

Zaterdag 7 December 2019 - 20:30 uur - € 15,00
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Marta Topferova  &  Gabo Naas | Original & Latin American songs

Singer/songwriter Marta Topferova and Argentinean multi-instrumentalist Gabo Naas’ duo is dedicated to the rich tradition of Latin American songs. Their repertoire consists of rhythms and styles such as the Argentinean chacarera and zamba, Venezuelan joropo and vals, Colombian porro, Andean huayno, as well as Marta’s original songs. Marta's sultry voice and unique accompaniment on the Venezuelan cuatro, guitar and hand-percussion along with Gabo's soulful guitar and charango playing is a combination that brings listeners into a spirited music landscape.

Marta Topferova is one of the most unique singers and songwriters of her generation. She has been heavily influenced by Czech and Slavic musical traditions, as well as Latin American folk music. As a steady creative force on the New York music scene for sixteen years, Marta collaborated with some of the best musicians from the Latin, jazz and world-music circles, and this experience has forged a dynamic mix of styles in her work. In 2012, Marta returned to her homeland, the Czech Republic, in order to launch an ensemble of Czech and Slavic music - Milokraj - meaning "beloved land". Marta has released nine albums of primarily original songs and toured the U.S., Europe, Argentina and Thailand.

Gabo Naas was born in Patagonia, Argentina. His musical beginnings were with his father who plays guitar and encouraged Gabo to start singing and to learn traditional songs. Gabo studied in various musical conservatories in Córdoba, Argentina where he developed his unique talent as a multi-instrumentalist. 

The guitar, voice and saxophone are his main instruments, but he also plays the Bolivian charango, clarinet, violin, bass guitar and bombo drum. From 2005-2008 he lived in Buenos Aires, where he established himself on the music scene and composed for his Latin Jazz ensemble. For the last eleven years, Gabo has been based in Berlin, where he has lead a Latin jazz quartet, written music for films, and collaborated with a wide range of musicians, among them Cuban and African groups. Most recently, Gabo has decided to focus on his vocal and guitar repertoire, which consists of original arrangements of traditional South American songs, namely Argentinean chacarera, zamba, chamamé, gato, vals, as well as Andean huayno and carnavalito, interpreting these styles in a modern way, without losing the essence of their folk roots.