Gabriel Kahane

Gabriel Kahane

Composer, singer, songwriter and pianist : Gabriel Kahane is « one of the most searching songwriters of the day » according to The New Yorker.

Ranging from indie pop, to alternative folk, to chamber music, Kahane’s music is reflective of an artist used to working in many modes – he’s collaborated with artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird, Brad Mehldau and Paul Simon, alongside prestigious commissions for Brooklyn Academy of Music, Carnegie Hall and Broadway.

“A stunning portrait of a singular moment in America.” — Rolling Stone

“A song cycle of unwavering seriousness, delivering snapshots of a broken and desperate nation. At thirty-seven, [Kahane] is one of the finest, most searching songwriters of the day” — The New Yorker

“A contemporary song cycle in every way that counts… over the course of fewer than a dozen songs, Kahane creates a vivid array of American types… The efficiency and delicacy with which he conjures up his subjects in a few swift strokes are magical to observe. And the sorcery is even more dazzling in person. Alone onstage with his piano, Kahane is like some kind of empathic clown car, opening himself and the audience up to disgorge an endless stream of vivid individuals.” — San Francisco Chronicle

For this solo concert, he will revisit his albums ‘Book Of Travelers’, ‘The Ambassador’, ‘Where Are The Arms’ and other compositions.