Payne / D.Kummer / Vitols

Woensdag 15 Januari 2020 - 20:30 uur - € 10,00
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opening act: PIA PODGORNIK - alto saxophone
Payne / D.Kummer / Vitols aims to celebrate the lack of definition. Made of international musicians based in Amsterdam, the trio hectic soundscapes constantly withstand turbulent shifts in state; from pointillism to stasis, through intricately layered frames and rhythmical elasticity; each member (all leaders and composers) explore their natural penchant for playfulness with refined ferocity. In contrast with its rather humble instrumentation, the band shows great concern for carefully orchestrated structures and spectral density.

Alistair Payne (UK, trumpet) Tancrède D.Kummer (FR, drums) and Uldis Vitols (LV, double bass) all met in Amsterdam in 2013 during the course of their study at the CvA.
Since then, they have been strongly involved in the jazz, improvised and contemporary music scenes of the Europe.Having played in a wide range of styles and combinations, each member (all composers)bring along its affiliations with different scenes and art forms. In 2019 they’ve released an online EP consisting of 5 pieces always at the intersection between through composed and improvised music, trying to develop their own grammar in the dialectic between scripted and spontaneous material.

Payne/D.Kummer/Vitols's artistic interests lie within the fragilization of the line between notation and performance, and, more specifically, in creating forms where intricately composed items, both rooted in jazz and contemporary music idioms; seem to emerge from themselves, evolving empirically throughout the piece, as if experienced by the course of the performance, every time according to the moment.