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Nelson Latif Trio, featuring Diogo Guanabara

Zondag 13 Oktober 2019 - 16:00 uur - € 20,00
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Cavaquinho and acoustic guitar player Nelson Latif formed his musical identity in the legendary jazz scene of the 1980's in São Paulo. With roots in choro and jazz, Latif merges Brazilian styles and a classical guitar technique with diverse musical influences. In his melodic phrasing one hears bebop and Brazilian syncopations. 

Latif started his studies at age fourteen. During the 90's he moved to Amsterdam and started performing on the cavaquinho, an instrument that has since become his trademark. 
Nelson Latif returned to Brazil in 2001 and since then has performed as a soloist as well as in collaboration with various artists. As cultural promoter, Nelson Latif has been coordinating educational projects for universities and cultural institutions around the world. 

The trio plays both original compositions and songs from the classic Brazilian repertoire. The arrangements leave a lot of space for improvisation, while maintaining an acoustic sound, a major characteristic of Brazilian music.

Nelson Latif Trio has performed in several countries and recorded its first album in Seoul with the Korean jazz singer Kim Jun. His "power trio” is made by acoustic guitar, double bass and percussion and will be joined by one of the best mandolin players of Brazil: Diogo Guanabara. 

foto: Tiago Santos