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Chai Masters

Chai Masters

The Chai Masters’ music is a celebration of narrative imagination. Their original compositions are inspired by one of the most unique literary movements of the last century: Magic Realism. Like a story that blurs the line between reality and fantasy, the repertoire is a framework where flamenco, film soundtracks and jazz intermingle. Complex rhythms are combined with evocative melodies, and merged into the textures and the lyricism of the united horns and voice.

Antonio Moreno (trumpet)
Līva Dumpe (voice)
Lucas Martínez (tenor sax)
Aurel Violas (drums)
Matteo Mazzu (electric bass)
Adrián Moncada (piano)

Opening act | Escarteen sisters | cello + viola (+singing), with folky vibes

Dinsdag 21 nov. 2023 - 20:00 uur - € 10,00