Theater De Roode Bioscoop
Ensemble Grande

Ensemble Grande

A full performance extravaganza of voices, drums, horns and 'strings'.

A homage to my upbringing in the water forest of Mexico: colourful, beautiful, brutal and raw. 

Poetry is the guiding principle. The members of the ensemble are all bright and free spirited musicians and a large part of the music is left to improvisation - this makes the compositions accurate and alive, because our kindred minds make the truest decisions together based on intuition and not only interpretation. The summit of my musical universe yet.

voices: Fuensanta Méndez (and double bass), Marta Arpini, Isa Mirallas, Laura Polence
drums: Guy Salamon Korean drum and percussion: Sun-Mi Hong trumpet: Alistair Payne
alto saxophone: José Soares guitar: Teis Semey piano Youngwoo Lee