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Transformative Art Experience | Quantum Meditation

Transformative Art Experience | Quantum Meditation

QUANTUM MEDITATION: Myth, Truth or Dare?

A multi-sensorial art happening of radical self-discovery, joyful healing and rejuvenation.

PROGRAM (easy English-spoken):
14.00 - 14.15 – doors open.
14.15 - start of the program (there is no possibility to enter the room late)
16.00 - 16.30 - end of the program / drinks / chats.
16.30 - doors closed.

Zondag 01 okt. 2023 - 14:00 uur - € 48,00

Let us transport you into a euphoric state achieving a natural high through the power of immersive video-, & sound-art, quantum meditation and ultra deep relaxation.

Artist and practitioner Viktoria Kova creates a highly immersive, multi-sensory Art installation (video, sound, vibrations) that allows to reach a deep quantum meditation without years of exercising it.
Viktoria’s hypnotic art helps to disengage the monkey-mind and experience different depths of meditation.
Including various techniques and practices.

- Reversing Age biomarkers.
- Introducing self-Healing.
- Increasing patience, tolerance, creativity.
- Boosts positivity, intuition.
- Recharging feel-good “battery” and EQ.
- Meeting cool, progressive, like-minded people.

ABOUT Viktoria Kova:
Viktoria Kova has her professional background in music & cultures study, pedagogy and psychology. She is researching how art can heal, improve quality of life, rejuvenate and expand consciousness.
Kova’s method for (self)healing and improving age markers is inspired by her own experience of self-healing from autoimmune disease (MS) and (logo)neurotic condition (stuttering).
Kova holistically creates her hypnotic videos, sound, installations and performances to offer the experience of a quantum leap to the expanded meditative state of consciousness through the immediate activation of feel-good energy in alignment with the intuitive feminine principle.


comfortable, stretchy clothes. You will be sited on “air chairs”.

We ask you to refrain from stimulants such as alcohol or coffee at least 1h before the event. There will be time for a drink after the program. Thank you

Tickets: 48 Euro (incl.9%BTW)