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Amelie Spinks | single release

Amelie Spinks | single release

opening set: Marta Arpini

Raised in small-town New Zealand, Amelie moved to Amsterdam to continue her passion for jazz and upright bass. Now, at the beginning of her development as a songwriter, she embarks on a journey as an indie-folk musician. Inspired by the likes of Adrienne Lenker, Joni Mitchell and Aldous Harding, Amelie’s songs embody the New Zealand folk music experience.

Vrijdag 07 jun. 2024 - 20:00 uur - € 12,50

This concert will celebrate the release of Amelie’s debut EP in 2024, with a new collection of sentimental songs. Amelie’s music breaths the turbulence of growing older and moving away from home. In that sense, a musical diary has been formed which speaks of isolation and finding comfort in unknown. With wistful guitar playing, a gentle voice and poetic melodies, her songs hold a vulnerable power and mark the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Amelie Spinks, guitar and vocals

River Adomeit, double bass

Luca Sturny, guitar