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De Facto Live #7 | Nature Calling

De Facto Live #7 | Nature Calling

An evening on borders, micronations and unrecognized countries

The evening will be in English. Bar open 19.30h., start program 20.00h. Entrance 15 euros

Woensdag 20 sep. 2023 - 20:00 uur - € 15,00

According to the United Nations, there are 193 countries on earth. However, there is no rule to say what exactly makes a state. A president, a flag, a government? The reality is a lot more unruly.

De Facto explores the realm of unrecognized states, micronations and curious border zones. On 20 September, we will explore the fascinating interplay between nature and borders. Artist Esther Kokmeijer knows everything about Antarctica and will show us some unique maps. Journalist Milo van Bokkum will share his top 5 of interesting natural frontiers and Raki Ap from the former Dutch colony of West Papua will tell us why the indigenous perspective is so important to understand the current climate crisis. And, as always, a talk about graphic design by Floor Koomen and a quiz by Suzanne Hendriks. Moderation: Jorie Horsthuis.

Wednesday September 2023

Doors open: 19.30 h.

Programme starts: 20.00 h.

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De Facto is a project by graphic designer Floor Koomen and journalist Jorie Horsthuis.

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