Theater De Roode Bioscoop


Loki is the alter ego of the experimental artist Lieke Dijkstra. Her name sends a little wink to the shapeshifter from the Norse Mythology; for she believes that a human can change into many things over time; a stone, a flower, a king, a prostitute, several wild animals, including a seal.

In her new show she delivers her introspective lyrics about vulnerability and illusions, combining her raw expressive voice with disarming soulfulness. Each song takes us through a different chapter, a different state of mind. Together with multi-instrumentalists/producers Gino Bombrini and Gino Cochise you hear a fusion of worldly instruments such as the Chinese Ghuzeng harp and mandolin, with a dark moving bass and harmonic vocals.

In two words; dramatic and meditative.

Come by Come by and share a little moment with us after the show to celebrate the release of the first song
‘Game of Life’.

Zondag 25 feb. 2024 - 16:00 uur - € 17,00