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Äktaro Albumrelease

Äktaro Albumrelease

Äktaro pays tribute to the timeless melodies of traditional Swedish folk songs, inspired by pianist Jan Johansson and the lullabies trumpeter Bo Floor's Swedish mother sang to him as a child. Bo met guitarist Siebren Smink at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam and together, they fell in love with Swedish folk music, creating Äktaro.
Their music blends ancient Swedish folk tunes with playful jazz improvisations, mirroring the serenity of Sweden's natural landscapes, from mystical forests to glistening lakes. They offer their unique interpretations of these age-old songs, infusing them with ambient and jazz improvisations.

Zaterdag 09 dec. 2023 - 20:00 uur - € 10,00

In a world of constant hustle and distraction, Äktaro's music provides a sanctuary for introspection, peace, and warmth. They invite you to slow down, reflect, and find solace in their sound.

Äktaro tells a story of serenity and wonder, where Swedish folk meets contemporary artistry.

In the cold winter of january 2022 Äktaro recorded its debut album in the lakehouse of Bo’s family in Sweden. Bo and Siebren brought two friends, one with an analog 8-track tape recorder (on which the whole album is recorded) and another with a camera and a sketchbook, to capture the vibe of the experience. The atmosphere was sincere, warm and tranquil, with Bo and Siebren being cut off from the rest of the world while recording their music in the middle of the Swedish woods. Outside, the world was cold, dark and white from the snow, while inside the firestove and comradery was always burning. During that week, Äktaro recorded 1,5 hour of music, 17 tracks, all capturing the melancholy of the Swedish Folk music, which heavily rests on the nature of the country. With this album Bo and Siebren hope to bring the listener warmth, rest and reflection in times of stress and tumult.