Theater De Roode Bioscoop
Roos Meijer  & Wasim Arslan

Roos Meijer & Wasim Arslan

Een double bill vol verhalen. Roos presenteert haar debuut LP en de stem Wasim brengt werelden samen.

Woensdag 14 dec. 2022 - 20:00 uur - € 15,00

Roos Meijer

The sincerity of Roos Meijer’s alt-folk finds a way to the heart of even the most casual listener as she lends her voice to extraordinary but unheard people from around the world. Drawing inspiration from a diversity of genres, including folk, classical, indie-rock, and Arabic music, Roos bridges many rivers of the musical landscape and leads you to new pastures. With an understated but profound sense of detail, in both song and arrangement, her music finds and navigates emotional fine lines that are seldom expressed in popular music.

Roos’ debut LP, ‘Why Don’t We Give It A Try?’, was released in November 2021 and is inspired by conversations with eight societal changemakers for causes relating to climate, anti-racism, feminism, human rights, orphans, LGBTQ+ youth, and homelessness. Filled with eclectic but integral arrangements, each song creates a fully realised sonic culture within the wider world of the album and, through the unique empathy of Roos’ artistic voice, comes from a place of genuine earnestness and societal duty.

Unfortunately, the release concert for the album was canceled last minute due to the lockdown last winter. Therefore, the ‘Why Don’t We Give It A Try?’ tour is taking place this winter: exactly one year after the release of the album. Come and listen to these unique stories live, at de Roode Bioscoop.

Wasim Arslan 

is a singer that carries the ancient Arabic voice from Aleppo, Syria. After the devastating war and displacement of his family, Wasim found his calling in The Netherlands, where he currently resides. Wasim builds bridges between the old and new, Arabic and Western. He is known for bringing the music of the Arabic Golden Era to the present day. He reimagines classical poetry and folk music with hypnotising beats and rich melodies.

After all he went through, Wasim feels a sense of responsibility to represent his home country Syria, and to use his music and talent to unite people in times of war and division. The healing quality of his voice has opened people’s hearts and minds to love, beauty, peace, and togetherness.